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Visual identity / Imański Photography is a family company, which has been providing photographic services since 1986. After nearly thirty years of operation, the owners decided to divide the brand into two, equal sub-brands, thereby enhancing their services. As a result of this decision they have created a photo lab under the name and a photo studio Imański Photography.

The aim of the project was to create a visual identification that would combine these two sub-brands into one, coherent visual identity. Within this assumption elements such as the logomark, colouring and typography are common for the entire project. A particularly important role is played by the logomark, placed on the majority of the company prints, other printing materials and promotional materials. The size of the logomark and its arrangement on the individual elements of the projects resulted of the geometrical construction of the project and proportions of the applied formats. The relation between the logomark and the logotypes of the sub-brands was equally precisely determined.

In the visual identity the logomark functions both as a separate element, as well as in combination with the logotypes. It creates logos of the sub-brands. It was created as a result of a combination of the letter I with the letter F. Its form refers to a person taking pictures.

A project of the graphic symbol was selected and presented at the Second National Exhibition of Graphic Symbols.

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Photos of the project: Marcin Imański, Aleksander Znosko

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